The Wesleyan Foundation donates £100,000

At this time due to the current restrictions and social distancing measures in place, the decision has been taken to halt our regular Foundation grant programmes. Understandably, there is continued uncertainty around charities and local community groups being able to deliver their projects and services within the community as they would normally do. These funds will held for now, until such a time as these services can resume.


In the meantime, in response to the current crisis, The Wesleyan Foundation has donated £100,000 to support the medical, dental, education and legal sectors. This money has been distributed among charities and organisations who provide support to these sectors, particularly with mental health and well-being.

These include NHS Practitioner Health, Royal Medical Benevolent Fund, Dental Health Support Trust, ConfiDental Helpline, LawCare, LawWorks, Titan Partnership. Funding has also been made available for teachers’ classroom materials whilst children are being home schooled.

Mario Mazzocchi, Wesleyan Chief Executive

“Our customers are predominantly doctors, dentists, teachers and lawyers; people who are playing a vital role in helping to manage the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. This is an unprecedented time for all of us and especially those on the front line, who are dealing with extremely stressful circumstances.

“We are extremely grateful for the work they are doing and want to support them and our communities in any way we can. That’s why we’ve made this money available to help ease some of the pressures brought on by COVID-19."

The Foundation has also gifted £10,000 to the Heart of England Community Foundation’s Coronavirus Resilience Fund, which will be available to local groups in the West Midlands that provide services like food banks, emergency food and medicine parcel deliveries and outreach.